Criteria & Fees

For Visiting members, the first month of membership is completely FREE! Visiting members are not entitled to similar benefits as other members. If you have previously been a Visiting member of IGLTA and have taken advantage of the ‘first month free’ offer, a subscription payment will be applicable as soon as you rejoin.

(updated 1st January 2016)

Grade Fee
Visiting N 5,500
Student N 5,500
Graduate N 10,500
Fellow N 20,500

Membership Subscriptions & Required Research Work

Membership Grade Fees Submission of RRW Additional Requirement
Visiting N2500 - -
Student N2,500 1500 words -
Graduate N5,500 2500 words NYSC-IGLTA Leadership Course or the Conversion Course as Applicable
Fellow N10,500 7500 words IGLTA ACADEMY Fellowship Programme or the Conversion Course as Applicable

Details about the NYSC-IGLTA Leadership Course and the Fellowship Programme can be found here.
Payment of Fees
Fees may be paid online using or by cheque or bank transfers into the Initiative official bank account. Click here for details of the Initiative account.