About the Academy

IGLTA Academy was established by the governing council of Initiative for Good Leadership, Transparency and Accountability, a non-profit academy operating as the training arm of IGLTA to improve and promote governance quality in public, non-profit and private establishment in Nigeria. The academy aim is to operate in such a way that the mission and vision of the Initiative will be achieve together with advocating for how Nigeria as a nation can create sustainable value for institutions and society.

The Academy envision a Nigeria where institutions and society work together to create a more sustainable and inclusive future. To achieve the aim and objective of the Academy, World-class expertise are brought together, and we adopt a holistic view of governance across institutions, and form partnerships to improve quality of life for current and future generations.

The Academy operates two major Faculties:

  1. Faculty of Public Management and Governance
  2. Faculty of Business & Corporate Governance

The program of the faculties is aimed to:

  • Improve awareness of the role of good governance for sustainable and inclusive development by research, dissemination of successful examples and awards;
  • Create a knowledge platform to enable representatives of government, civil society, and business to be informed about the recent global developments on governance through training programs, seminars, and peer to peer learning;
  • Conduct research in cooperation with international organizations, universities, public agencies, and non-governmental organizations on various governance related subject areas;
  • Cooperate with other similar initiatives both locally and globally through joint projects to raise the understanding of the key role of good governance in improve quality of life and sustainability of the planet.