Promoting good governance in Nigeria.

To accomplish this mission, IGLTA aimed at:

  • Publishing a quarterly journal named “GOOD GOVERNACE NGR” which includes: features, interviews, Public Policies and Governance, Articles, events, and other items designed to inform readers on corporate governance and related matters.
  • Conducts research on issues and developments related to good leadership, transparency and accountability. These researches are designed to expand and deepen the level of knowledge on governance in Nigeria with the ultimate objective of achieving interna-tionally acceptable framework for good governance.
  • Conducts and organises seminars/conferences designed to generate interest and facili-tate the exchange of ideals and expertise among practitioners in private and public gov-ernance, personalities and entities. The goal is to educate and create knowledge on good governance in Nigeria.
  • Engaging senior citizen through Leadership Fellow Programme, Organising National Essay Competition for the Youth, sponsoring Young Start Support Programme and In-tegrity Club. Also to invest in people through creative initiatives and support pro-gramme. The goal is to integrate and sustain GLTA into daily life activities in Nigeria.
  • Recognise corporate entities, individuals in public and private practice youths and young starts for excellence in promotion of GLTA. This goal is to improve and sustain the Initiative mission of promoting good governance.
  • Increase awareness and consciousness of the value/importance of good governance within the private and public sector in Nigeria. The goal is to enhance and raise the governance standards, transparency and accountability in Nigeria.  corporate govern-ance to the highest levels.
  • Provide advisory services on good governance to private and public sector, as well as proving logistical expertise and assistance to organisations, associations, and special in-terest groups engaged in (or who want to engage in) the practice of good governance, transparency and accountability or related areas.